D.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.)

Researcher, Positivity Booster, Problem Solver

I am extremely motivated by professional growth and seek to constantly develop my skills in academia and beyond. I am passionate about my research and have confidence in my ability to create a fun and inviting class atmosphere for under- and post-graduate as well as organizational learning. I am looking for opportunities to deepen and widen my expertise as well as strengthen my professional network.

About My


I focus on cross-disciplinary work, particularly at the intersection of psychology and international business. Through borrowing from other fields, it is possible to greatly enrich our understanding of international business and management without having to reinvent the wheel. My primary research interests are emotions in organizations and cross-cultural management. I am particularly interested in increasing positivity in the workplace.

My Experience

In Academia

My path in academia started with a research assistant position in 2014. Since then, I have been a doctoral candidate, postdoctoral researcher, visiting researcher, project researcher, as well as university teacher. Each position has helped me to form a comprehensive view of the academic world in Finland and abroad.

In Teaching

I have guided over 50 master’s students in their theses. I have taught small seminar groups as well as large lecture audiences at the university, and been involved in organizing seminars open for the general public as well as workshops for organizations.

In Exercise

Apart from being a researcher, I have been a group exercise instructor since 2012. In this work, I have learned to motivate, inspire and lead others. I have also learned not to be afraid of challenges or mistakes, but grow from them.

Personal Skills

My strengths in research include my openness to cross-disciplinary work, experience in less known research methodology such as moderate constructionist research, and active co-operation with domestic and international collaborators.

My strengths as a teacher stem from caring about good-quality teaching and students’ learning, which has driven me to learn more about pedagogy. I believe that the principal role of the teacher is to introduce the student to the appropriate tools and atmosphere for learning.

My Honors and


Outstanding Author Contribution

2018 Emerald Literati Awards

Adam Smith Best Doctoral Dissertation Winner

AIB-UKI 2020

People’s Choice Award

University of Turku 3MT

John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial

2017 Participant



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